NRC Online Checking Portals – Easy & Quick Link To Get Your NRC Result in Assam

Are you looking to check your name in NRC final draft through online? If yes! Then you are in the right place. Because in here, I’m going to share How to Check your name in NRC final draft 2018. Also, I will talk about NRC Assam Online portal names, where you can check quickly.

The Assam Government finally published NRC Assam final list. Now we are all can quickly check our name in Draft NRC list. There are five (5) different portals has officially launched for NRC Assam 2018. Also, they have shared two (2) direct links, where you check your name in draft NRC. According to Assam government, is the official website for National registration Certificate.  Also, there four (4) sub-portal has given by the NRC Officials.

NRC Assam Final Result 2018:

As I told you above, the NRC Final Result is already published on different websites. You can check your final NRC Result via online or offline.

Here are five (5) ways to check NRC Assam FInal Result 2018. Read my earlier post of Checking NRC Result to know How!

Today’s declared NRC result is not a final result of NRC. So don’t be panic. There will be another chance to get your NRC or claim. If you have found any wrong details in Your NRC, then you can claim for that. And also if you have not seen your name then in the next phase you will get your name too.

NRC Assam Result Online Checking:

As I told you above, there are five (5) methods to check NRC Assam result. And Today we will discuss one process which is called Online.

Yes! You can quickly check your name via online. But the question is How?

Assam government has launched four (4) portals where you check your online NRC result or draft NRC including

Here are the websites below:


Also, There are four (4) ways are still you have, where you can check your name in NRC part draft 2018.

We have also published an article about it. So, Please read this. Checking NRC Result

Quick Link to Check NRC Result in Assam:


This two-link is redirected to the ARN Checking page. It means you can check your name through your ARN numbers which are mentioned your Acknowledgement receipt. Type your ARN in the box. Search it.

That’s all about NRC Assam New result details. If you have any questions regarding this article, then feel free to comment below, Also, if you have like this post then don’t forget to share with others. Thank you for reading this article.