JIO Phone: Every Major Question Answered

As you all know Reliance Jio has recently launched the much-anticipated feature phone called the JioPhone at an astounding price of Zero Rupees. Though the phone is not exactly available at Rs.0 as you have to deposit a refundable amount of Rs.1500 when you go to get the phone. The catch here is if you return the phone after a minimum period of 3 years, you will get your money back.

I know you all have been excited for this phone for quite a long time. And I also know that there are many queries regarding the phone and so I am here to get you your answers. I just hope I can cater to all your questions.


Jio Phone Frequently Asked Questions:

So here are the answers to some of the major questions regarding this phone-

  • Will we get refunded if we by any chance lose the phone or cause some damage to it? Does it matter?

Ans:  No. We will not get refunded in such cases. But it doesn’t matter. Do you want to use a feature phone for three long years? No, right? You’re getting a Smartphone like a feature phone at such an affordable price from a trusted company, just get one of these and enjoy what is being offered while you still can. I am sure I am going to get one of these as soon as I can to use it as a backup phone, and after three years if it’s still not dead, I would return it. At least, I would be using a phone for quite a long time for which I would be investing only Rs.1500. No worries, Right?

  • When will we be able to book the phone?

Ans: The phone will be available for pre booking from 24th of August 2017 and will arrive at our hands starting from September. The reservation can be made on the My JIO app, on the official website of JIO and the  JIO stores. The delivery of the phone will be done on First Come First Serve basis which means the users who book first will get the phone delivered first. Some people will get the phone before 24th August, but the regular users will get the phones only after their pre booking on the announced date.

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  • Which plans are available for this phone?

Ans: The announced 153 rupees plan is available only for this phone. It can’t be used on any other Smartphones. The details of this plan are we will get 500mb of high-speed data daily for 28 days, and after the exhaustion of high-speed data on a day, we will get a speed of 128kbps. The calling is unlimited free. We can recharge the phone with other available plans too.

  • When will Jio Mobile Phone ship to the customer?

According to Jio officials, Jio Phone will be delivered from 1st week of September this year. Already 5 million unit has booked by People of India. But still lot more people are not able to book JioPhone on 24th August 2017.

  • Jio Phone Next Online Booking date:

As per latest report, Jio Phone next online booking date could be 31st August. Be ready on that date to book brand new Jio Phone for you.

  • Does the phone have Hotspot?

Ans: Many models of the phone will be available soon with some minor changes in them. Some of them will have hotspots as they come with Qualcomm Snapdragon based chipsets, but initially, they will stay locked by the company. In the future, the company might unlock them through some future updates.

  • Is this a Dual Sim Phone?

Ans: Not much is known about the sim duality of this phone however it is expected that the phone will come with one mandatory JIO sim and one other sim slot for backup network.

  • Which Operating System and what type of apps does this phone support?

Ans: The OS used in this phone is Kai which is a Firefox based OS. It has been used as it is quite efficient. Youtube, Facebook, JIO apps, etc. are available. Whatsapp has not yet been confirmed for this phone.

  • What about the Voice assistant?

Ans: The phone has a one on one Voice assistant app which supports 22 regional languages including Hindi and English.

  • What is Jio TV- cable?

Ans: It is a feature of this phone using which we can enjoy Jio TV content on our reality television. For doing this, we just have to recharge an amount of RS.309 and get the hardware using which we can connect our phone to our TV’s with HDMI ports or A/V pins. However, we will be able to enjoy the content for a limited period only during a day as the data available on the 309 pack per day is only 1 GB per day.

  • Will the 500mb data per day be enough?

Ans: Yes because the phone uses a 2.4-inch QVGA display whose resolution is 320×240 and so it will consume very fewer data compared to Smartphones of today.

  • For which section of people this phone has been made?

Ans: not for the Smartphone users because we are already using JIO services on our phones very quickly. The majority of our country’s population still uses feature phones. These phones have been specially made for that section of people so that they can get connected to the internet too and enjoy the 4G services that the company is providing now. However we Smartphone users can use this as a backup device as I have mentioned earlier.

Jio has brought a revolution to the mobile phone industry and the Telecom industry. We just need to enjoy our time during this revolution and hope for further surprises from the company.

Talking about surprises, something exciting is coming pretty soon. Stay tuned to our site for more information 😉