JioPhone Next Booking Date, How To Track Jio 4G Mobile & Delivery Details

Reliance Jio has started pre-booking of the cheapest 4G feature phone which is the JioPhone. The first pre-booking of the JioPhone was on August 24, 2017. On the very first day of pre-booking the Jio mobile, Reliance Jio has received overwhelming responses from the Indians. Reports say that the Jio site has received more than 4 million orders for pre-booking. Hence, the company has shut down the pre-booking temporarily for few days due to heavy traffic.

Most of the people were not fortunate enough to book the JioPhone on the very first day of pre-booking. And hence the question arises whether there will be another round for pre-booking the feature phone or not? I have written this article for the people who have this question in their mind. Read the article and know about the coming pre-booking dates and delivery date of the Jio Mobile. I have also presented few steps on how you can track your JioPhone and know the current status of your order.Jio Mobile

Upcoming dates for Jio Mobile pre-booking:

As I have already told you, the pre-booking of the handset is temporarily shut down due to heavy traffic. Regarding the next booking date of the JioMobile, the company has not made any official statement yet. However, you can register your mobile number and e-mail id to get notifications when the Jio Mobile is available for pre-booking again.

Steps to register for pre-booking of the Jio mobile:

  • First of the visit the official site of Jio or CLICK HERE,
  • You will see a banner regarding the registration for the JioMobile pre-booking,
  • Click on ‘register now’, and immediately after that, you will be asked to provide your name, e-mail, mobile number etc.Jio mobile
  •  Submit the form after entering your details, and you will get recent updates about pre-booking from Jio.

Now regarding the pre-booking of the Jio mobile, it can be done in two ways-

  1. Online Pre-booking- At MyJio app or
  2. Offline Pre-booking- Official stores of Jio nearby your area

To know in details about the Jio feature phone booking process- cheapest 4G feature phone

 When will Reliance Jio start the delivery of the JioPhone?

The company confirms that the delivery will start from September 1st, 2017. The phone might take 15-20 days to reach at your given pin code depending on the communications. Jio will notify you once the Jio phone is available at your given pin code via calls or SMS. You will receive the detailed information about the stores and the delivery date.

Here is a list of places and the delivery date of the Jio mobile on those locations:

Jio official stores 1st-5th September
Tier 1 cities 5th-15th September
Jio mini stores and offline booking users 15th-30th September
Tier 2 cities/ Village area 1st-15th October

How to track and know the status of your Jio phone order?

Unlike Amazon or Flipkart, Jio doesn’t provide the detailed status of your JioPhone order. I have personally booked the Jio mobile, and it doesn’t show any detailed status of the order. However in the MyJio App, under the My Voucher section, it shows a voucher of the Jio mobile after pre-booking. Jio Mobile

After the successful pre-booking of the Jio phone, the company give a confirmation message with a customer care number. You can call from your Jio number to know the status of your order.

Jio Mobile

Jio Pre-booking customer care number18008908900 

Meanwhile, you can also change your delivery pin code and opt for a different one on the My Voucher section.

That’s all about the Jio feature mobile booking process. Stay tuned with us for more update on the JioPhone. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. THANKS!!