Jio Coin ICO: Launch date, expected price, buying and its effects

Please Note: We request you not to believe in any fake sites which claim to provide you with Jio Coin by taking money from you as the official launch has not yet got announced. So please stay away from those sites. Those are scam sites.

Also for those who do not know what Jio Coin is. It is a form of cryptocurrency from Reliance Jio. Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency in which encryption techniques are applied to manage the creation of units of currency and confirm the transaction of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

Jio Coin

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Akash Ambani Said ” Beyond cryptocurrency Blockchain at its core, provides an open-source platform for enabling transaction secured with a distributed ledger system.”

Besides Bitcoin (another form of cryptocurrency), this technology has proven to be quite resourceful in other sectors such as banks, healthcare, real estate, education, 5G and IOT and agriculture.

He also said,”Jio is committed to contributing and using open source technologies to improve the consumer experience.”

Akash Ambani, the eldest son of Mukesh Ambani, also talked about open source, artificial intelligence, blockchain and OpenStack on 20th January during his first appearance at a public event.

Launch Date

Jio Coin

Everyone is waiting excitedly for the Jio Coin to launch so that they can invest in Jio Coin and make some profit. But the launch date of this cryptocurrency has not yet got officially announced. An appointed team of fifty members are working very hard on blockchain technology for Jio Coin. Mr Akash Ambani is leading this team. Jio is also trying to put its hands on the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a network of electronic devices such as wearable devices, smartphones, home appliances, vehicles, etc. which remain connected to the internet and exchange data. Therefore it may take more than three months for Jio Coin to arrive finally.

Our sources say that Jio Coin will get launched officially around 15th of this February but this highly unlikely. Even we are not sure of this news, but this is what we have got.

Expected Price

Jio Coin

Any cryptocurrency starts at a meagre price. Its price raises with time. So it is expected that the cost of one Jio Coin at starting would be under a dollar but will increase soon as there are a lot of investors waiting to invest in Jio Coin.

How to Buy Jio Coin?

Jio Coin

As of now Jio Coin is not yet launched. We have to wait for the official announcement. As soon as the news updates are available, we will let you know.

What does the Government say about these cryptocurrencies?

Jio CoinRBI says that it has not given any authorisation to anyone to operate on such schemes regarding Bitcoin or any such virtual money.

Jio Coin Jio Coin

Jio Coin

Virtual currencies get stored in electronic wallets. So these are prone to hacking, loss of password, compromise of access credentials, malware attack, etc. because these do not get authorised by any Central agency. It has also been reported that use of digital currency is done mainly for illicit and illegal activities. The lack of information of counterparties in such transaction systems may lead the users to unintentional breaches of anti-money laundering and fighting the financing of terrorism laws.

How will Jio Coin affect everyone?

The total supply of Jio Coins will be 1 Billion dollars. Jio Coin will affect everyone in these ways-

  1. Bitcoin getting legalised in India.
  2. Mukesh Ambani has a golden hand. Whatever plans he executes, it ripes fruits for everyone.
  3. People who know about cryptocurrencies will invest in it.
  4. Jio Coin’s price will touch the skies.

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