Make your Car Smart with Jio Car router launching soon India.

Reliance Jio has become the most popular Telecom Operator in India. No doubt the company has become everyone’s favorite network service provider recently. This is because Jio brought the actual 4G service in India with some exciting offers for its users. And in no time, the company grew in various sectors as well. Jio will soon launch the Jio Fiber Broadband service in India as well as Jio DTH service and Jio TV. And now the company is ready to launch a fresh new device in India. It’s the Jio Car Router. I am pretty sure very few people know about this and how it works and about OBD and all. Because no other company in India has tried to manufacture and sell this device before.

Therefore, read this article to know about Jio Car Router, how it works and price in details-Jio car router

What is Jio Car router and how it works?

Jio Car router is a device which works by capturing the data based on your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD). You will be able to check your car speed, tire pressure, oil pressure, rpm, etc. in one go with the help of the Jio Connected car router. In short, the device will make your ordinary car into a smart car though you have to drive it on your own. And the interesting part is you can insert a Jio SIM in the device and make your vehicle a portable wifi zone.

Uses of Jio Car Router:

  • With the help of this Smart Car router, you can track your vehicle anywhere anytime. You can set a boundary area of your own on the map, and whenever your car crosses that boundary it will send an alert notification to your sync device,
  • The device will monitor your oil pressure, tire pressure, vehicle speed and will warn you with active notifications if your race above the desired speed limit,
  • The car router will also monitor your driving habits like how often you switch to different gears while driving and how often you use handbrakes etc.,
  • Moreover, the device comes with a Jio Sim ready. Therefore you can turn your car into a wifi zone anytime.

Price and launch date of the Jio car router in India:

Jio hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the price of the router. But according to some reports, the device might cost us around Rs 1999. And since it is a product from Jio, it will be quite cheap and won’t be a very high-end device.

Regarding the launch date, no announcement has been made by the company yet. Though we can expect the Jio car router later this year. We will notify you once the device is available for sale in India.

Availability of the Jio smart car device:

The device is still not available for sale in India. Once the company launched it, it will be offered via the online store and general store. Therefore, keep your notifications active from different e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart. You can also visit an official store of Jio for more information on the device.

That’s all about the Jio Smart Car router. Let us know what you think about the device in the comment section below and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button.

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