Top Dual Rear Camera Phones Under 20,000 INR

Dual camera smartphones have taken mobile photography to a whole new level. Either we take a flagship like the iPhone 7 plus or the mid range oneplus 5. Some brands have manufactured budget friendly smartphones with the dual camera setup. Here,s a list of the top 5 top dual camera phones under 20000.

1.Huawei Honor 8:

Honor 8 stands out as one of the shiniest phones in the market right now. The back side of the phone features layers of glass adjoined together. It creates a light ripple effect by capturing and diffusing the light. Besides its looks, its got a hefty Kirin 950 processor under its hood. But the feature that stands out the most is its 12MP dual rear camera setup. One of the lenses uses a f/2.2 primary sensor, and the other lens features a monochrome sensor. The combination of the two lenses makes the photo sharper with better color reproduction. Under low light conditions, the camera struggles a bit, but it’s still the best in this budget. In its time of launch, the phone was around 28000 but after the price cut is available under 20000. So, it’s a good looking phone with the best dual camera setup under 20000.

Honor 8

2.Nubia z17 mini:

The Nubia z17 mini features a full-body metallic design with the powerful yet power efficient Qualcomm SD 652 under its hood. The camera setup is somewhat similar to honor 8 with a combination of a standard lens with a monochrome sensor lens. In well-lit conditions, the photos come out crisp with a large amount of detail. But in low light conditions, the shots aren’t that great. The camera app adds a bokeh effect feature like DSLRs, but it’s a hit or miss effect most of the times. The software loses focus on the subject at times which results in blurry outlines. Standard mode photography comes out great, and video is shooting at 1080p at 60fps and 4k at 30fps also makes it a phone with flagship camera performance.

Nubia z17

3.Honor 6x:

With metal body design and a budget friendly price tag, the honor 6x is a value for money smartphone. The dual camera setup with a 12MP and a 2MP sensor brings in a wide aperture mode. The full aperture brings the ability to add a blur effect to the background or foreground of an image taken. It’s not on par with company’s honor eight (8) but it’s still a great dual camera setup to feature in an under 15k budget smartphone.

Honor 6X

4.Coolpad Cool1 dual:

It is a device which a result of LeEco’s and Coolpad’s joint effort. The dual camera setup of this metal body device features a twin 12MP camera combo. Just like the Honor 8 and Nubia z17 mini one lens captures the monochrome data and the other lens captures the colored details. The pictures, however, comes out a bit over exposed in well-lit conditions. Under low light conditions, the pictures come out noisy with less amount of sharpness. Considering the price its a good value for money device but a bit expensive honor 6x seems like the better choice.

Coolpad Cool 1 Dual

5. Lenovo Phab 2:

With a massive 6.3” display and phablet like the design, the Lenovo Phab 2 is a multimedia based phone on a budget. With a 13+13MP dual rear camera setup, focusing on subjects in pictures comes into work after the image is taken. Shots come out good in good lighting conditions, but the dual camera setup doesn’t stand out. Under 15k its a good multimedia phone with a huge screen and AR functionality. But if the camera is your priority, there are better-built smartphones with better dual camera setups.

Lenovo Phab 2

These are the best quality dual rear camera Smartphones under Rs. 20000/-. If you have any query regarding this article, then feel free to comment below. And also if you like this post then share with others. Thank You.