Hello Friends!! We have made a WhatsApp community in which we broadcast loot deals, recharge tricks, cash back offers, discount coupons etc so that our website visitors can easily avail all offers.

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So, Guys now never miss an offer again; Just join us on WhatsApp broadcast list & get latest offer updates before the offer get expired.

How to Become a Member of Our WhatsApp Broadcast List:
• Save our number in your contacts
  (Note:- If you don’t save you will not receive messages from us)
• Name : Desigyan.in
• Mobile Number: +917572290321

Now message us on WhatsApp as follows:
Type “Add Me” <space>  “YOUR NAME” & send it to +917578890321
Within 48 hours we will add your mobile number in our broadcast list.
We will send a confirmation message to you after adding you to our broadcast list.

Very Important Update:
Due to very high numbers of subscribers sometimes our whatsapp broadcast feature unable to send you updates! In Last few days we encountered this problem again and again so we request our readers and follower who want every single update from us instantly please join our Free Email Alert list! You can find the subscription link in the Right Sidebar of our website!
1. Don’t delete our contact number from your contact list if you want continues offer updates from us!

  1. We will not publish all our deals and tricks in our broadcast list so keep visiting us on daily basis to receive all updates plus also Free E-Mail Alert subscription of our website will deliver every single post to your e-mail inbox, So never forget to subscribe our E-mail Newsletter!

Your Privacy is Extremely Important for us:
In our broadcast list you are 100% safe. We will never make any types of Pranks/Spam to your mobile number in WhatsApp. You Number will be totally safe with us, we will never share it with anyone.  So feel secure.

Rules for Our WhatsApp Followers:
1. Personal Messages to us in WhatsApp will not be replied. We will ignore it.
2. When we share any Loot or Trick via Broadcast please don’t message or reply us in WhatsApp. If you want to comment or need any help drop a comment on our Website or Visit our  Facebook Fan Page and post your comment there, we will happy to reply you in there.
3. Please Don’t Message us for any tricks and loot offers, if we get to know anything like that we will definitely share it on our Broadcast list.
4. Don’t send SMS on the number (Lots of people send me messages to add them via text message, don’t do that guys)