Airtel welcome offer: Airtel free services for 12 months as reliance Jio (See Full detail)

Airtel welcome offer, Airtel one year free data offer, Airtel new year offer: Hello everyone, Today I’m here to present you a battle between Bharti Airtel &  Reliance Jio. As we all know that, Reliance Jio covers almost 50% active customer as reliance Jio user. After completed 3 month’s free data offer (Jio welcome offer), Now Reliance Jio has extended their free data offer to 31st march 2017. And now Jio welcome offer is converted to Jio Happy New year offer.

So, In that case Bharti Airtel want to beat Reliance Jio by offering 12 month’s free data offer. In this offer they will offer free internet data for all new 4G customers. They will offer 3GB 4G data per month’s upto 12 month’s. The Airtel one free data offer will be a limited offer. Is is similar as Jio Happy new year offer. Jio happy new year offer has offering 1GB daily free data to the customers, and the other hand Bharti Airtel will offering 3GB 4G free data to the airtel users.

This Airtel 4G offer will also call as Airtel welcome offer, It is a first free data, calling offer from bharti Airtel.

Airtel one year free data offer

Airtel one year free data offer: Airtel welcome offer

As I mentioned above, Airtel India’s largest open network will offering 12 month’s free data to the customers. According to latest report, Airtel will offer 3GB 4G free monthly uses data for 12 month’s. All Airtel Prepaid & postpaid customer are eligible to get this offer. The offer will be available who switch their network to Airtel 4G.  I know that you have so many questions about this upcoming Airtel offer. But you don’t worry! I will present you all your probable questions with answers.

When the offer will launch? (Airtel welcome offer)

The Airtel one year free data offer is not live now. According to some latest airtel news, the offer will be rolled out on January 4 and it will last till February 28. Once I’ve finalize the news then I will update you soon. So, Please stay connected with us.

How much data will offer by Airtel?  (Airtel welcome offer)

The airtel will offer 3GB free data per month upto one year through Airtel one year free data offer. The customer will get free data & voice calling and also 100 SMS per day. It is an amazing offer from Bharti Airtel to beat reliance Jio. Bharti Airtel also offering 6GB data at the price of Rs. 144/- Here is the sign to beat reliance Jio.

What are similarization between Jio Happy new year offer and Airtel welcome offer?

There are few similarization between Reliance Jio Happy new year offer and Airtel one year free data offer. In jio happy new year offer, Jio has offering 1GB daily free data with unlimited voice & video calling and also unlimited SMS. But in Airtel one year free data offer, Airtel will offering 3GB monthly data for 12 month’s.

So, friends, from the opinion is also a better option for choosing Airtel network. Airtel is the largest open network in our country. So friends get ready to go with Airtel 4G network. If you like this post then don’t forget to share your friends, And also If you have any other questions then feel free to comment below, I will reply you soon. Thank you reading this article.

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