Airtel Mobile tower: How to install, apply and earn a profitable income every month;

A few months ago, I could still remember an ad of Airtel, which says about the Airtel Open Network. Airtel claims itself that it was the India’s first open network. An open network is a platform where users can access to the operator’s tower maps, their weak and strong signal zones etc. So, the only operator that has the guts to share an open network with the users is only Airtel. Airtel took a decision to come forward and share everything with us. And recently, the company has announced a scheme for the land owners who want to give their property on rent to earn huge money. The scheme is Airtel Mobile tower installation on private property on rent.

This is a good opportunity as nowadays the different telecom operators keep on looking for a suitable place for installation of their towers. The operators pay a good amount as rent which in turn can be a good source of passive income for you. In this article, we will talk about the procedure you should follow for Airtel Mobile tower installation and how much you can earn from them.

Fraudulent related to Mobile tower installation;

Meanwhile, let me put some light on the fraudulent going on regarding Mobile tower installation. Remember, no telecom operator will ask you to pay some advance money for their tower installation. It’s the fraudster who will ask you to pay some money for mobile tower installation and later on promises to give high rental income. I urge you to please do not respond to such phone calls, e-mails, SMS, etc.Airtel Mobile tower

Apply for Airtel Mobile tower installation;

Here are some simple steps if you want to apply for Airtel Mobile tower installation process-

  • First of all,  Visit website and enter the city name in search bar.
  • The red Icon means – where Airtel tower is already available, and the White icon means where the company wants to install towers.
  • If you are living in this area where there is the white icon Airtel tower, then you can apply for Airtel Mobile tower installation.
  • Tap on report an issue and call to Airtel customer care number which will appear on the page.

NoteNone of the telecom operators or employees will seek any advance money from you. The towers are installed free of cost. You need not have to pay money in the form of a registration fee, booking fee etc. 

Monthly rent you can expect from the operator’s mobile tower;

Private companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance are paying a good amount for installation of Mobile tower in your own residential area. The amount varies depending on their requirements. On an average, the operators pay an amount from 10k to 80k per month. If they have contacted you for tower installation then you should show your interest and bargain with them to get more monthly rent. They have contacted you and it means that they have requirement of a tower in that area.

NoteWe are not related to any Mobile tower operator. Hence, don’t put your contact details in the comment section as someone may defraud you in our name. We never contact anyone for tower installation. 

That’s all about the Airtel Mobile tower installation. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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