Aadhar Card Registration in Assam Will Be Live from December 2017

Aadhar Card Registration & Apply guide for Assam State: The Unique Identification Authority of India( UIDAI) has introduced a new way of providing identifications to every individual of India. Different countries have already accepted this proposal and are practising this new way of giving unique credentials to the citizens. The UIADI has come up with the Aadhar Card which assigns a particular Aadhar number to the Indian citizens. With the Aadhar Card, each would be able to enjoy the subsidies that government provides. And moreover, it will lessen the illegal immigration of people into the country. So the process for registration for the Aadhar Card has already begun in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of India. Talking about the north-eastern states, the process has started in Assam and Meghalaya.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to talk about the Aadhar Card registration process in Assam and how to apply for it online. For your information, the card has been issued in Sonitpur, Nagaon and Golaghat district of Assam. The process has been on hold at the other districts of Assam because of the NRC registration. The BJP government said that at first, the NRC process has to be completed to issue the Aadhar Card.


How to apply for Aadhar card in Assam (Offline):

The process for applying for the Aadhar card is very simple. You have to submit your biometric and demographic data to the enrollment centre near you.

  •  First of all, locate the enrollment centre for the registration process of Aadhar card nearby you,
  •  Once you visit the enrollment centre, you need to fill up the enrollment form for the card,
  • Then along with the form, you have to submit the supporting documents as per terms and conditions,
  • You also need to provide the biometric data along with a photograph,
  • That’s it! You will get an acknowledgement slip after the registration process with a 14 digit enrollment number. This will help you to track the status of your Aadhar application.

Supporting documents includes

  1. Age proof
  2. Identity proof
  3. Proof of marriage
  4. Residence proof

Biometrics data includes-

  1. Impression of your fingerprints
  2. Impression of your Iris

Aadhar Card ONLINE registration in Assam:

After completing the process of applying for the Aadhar Card by visiting the enrollment centre, you can download the e-Aadhar card online. The downloaded e-Aadhar letter is as valid as the Aadhar card itself. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to download your e-Aadhar card-

  • First of all, visit the UIDAI official site,
  • You will be asked to enter your enrollment number to download the form,
  • Enter the date and time as mentioned in the acknowledgement slip,
  • Enter your name, mobile number and area pin code,
  • Once you enter all these details, you will receive an OTP on your number which will let you download your e-Aadhar card.

What is the Enrollment/Registration date for Aadhar Card in Assam?

As I have already mentioned that the registration process has already started in three districts of Assam. While in a meeting today, Chief Minister of Assam Mr Sarbananda Sonowal said that the registration date for the remaining districts would start in the December 2017. Stay tuned with us to know the exact enrollment date for the Aadhar Card in Assam.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) regarding the Aadhar card:

1. What is the validity of the Aadhar Card?

Ans- The Aadhar Card has a life time validity.

2. What is the cost of the Aadhar Card?

Ans- The Aadhar card is free of cost as it is a voluntary process. Hence you don’t have to pay anything to have an Aadhar card.

3. What is e-Aadhar?

Ans- e-Aadhar Card is a soft copy of your Aadhar card. It is as valid as the Aadhar Card.

4. Can an individual have more than one Aadhar Card?

Ans- No, an individual can have only one Aadhar card in his lifetime.

5. How much time does it take to issue the Aadhar Card?

Ans- It takes about 60-90 days after the registration process for the Aadhar Card.

That’s all about the Aadhar Card registration process in Assam. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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