e-KYC: Re-Verification of Mobiles Numbers using Aadhar Card

After Driving licensee-KYC re-verification, Supreme Court discussed with DOT (Department of Telecom) for A mandatory of re-verification of mobile numbers through Aadhar card need to proceed with every new and existing customer, Postpaid and prepaid will be applied before the 6th February 2018.

Indian telecom company Bharti Airtel and Idea have started their re-verification process with Aadhar card. Airtel telecom company has notified they will be requested to every subscriber of Airtel connections to re-verify their numbers by SMS. Its only needs to be done with Aadhar Card to continue using existing number unless no other ID proof is required.

Purposes of Government to do e-KYC re-verification- Aadhar card

  • Demonetization of Banking activities is increasing day by day by phone. By re-verification, it will be easy to detect customer with ID
  • One step ahead of the security and reducing misuses of phone numbers.
  • And also government digital vision for enhancement of customer’s experience.

Aadhar card

How can we know when and where to proceed the e-KYC re-verification?

As we are aware, Airtel and Idea have started their re-verification. If we get message concerned about e-KYC re-verification, then we need to go nearest retailer store.

As for old connections:

Even if you registered your connection with Aadhar card as ID proof, also need to visit retailers for biometric verification.If you registered your connection with other ID proof optional document such as Bank account passbook or voter ID with Electricity Bill, then you need to re-verify with Aadhar card and also proceed biometric verification.

As for new connection:

Aadhar card will be plenty of all id and address proof for a new connection. You need to submit your Aadhar card, and you’ll be verified online.

Readers, there is no reason to hurry and worry, it will continue till 6th February 2018. Go and visit nearest retailer store. Also, if you have any questions regarding this topic then feel free to comment below, we will reply you as soon as possible.