14444 Toll-Free Helpline number, Government Launched for Digital Payments

Toll-Free number 14444 Helpline, government launched for digital payments: The Indian government is launching a new helpline number in collaboration with Telecom and IT industry to address consumer queries. The helpline number is formed by joining telecom industry as well as IT industry, Department of Collaboration with Software association (NASSCOM). The Indian government is focusing on the Digital and Cashless Payments, same as they recently launched the Bharat Interfaced for Money app.

14444 helpline

Digital Payments for consumers, 14444 HelpLine:

According to J S Dipak, the telecom secretary, the number 14444 helpline is available in Hindi and English language, and helped to resolved queries regarding Bharat Interfaced for Money (BHIM), E-Wallet, Aadhaar enabled payment system and USSD. The 14444 Helpline is available in North as well as Eastern part of the country, further it will be expanded over india.

The Helpline bandwidth is provided by private sector telecom companies and call center infrastructure is being provided by the IT-BPO industry, according to sources.

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Steps followed by Telecom Company’s to Co-operate government:

All telecom companies are participating in the initiative and the helpline will be available to subscribers of all operators, sources said. The 14444 helpline is always available to the consumers, who want to start transactions using BHIM, USSD, UPI. The aimed of government is to bring transformation of Digital Payments system, create a platform for queries which are asked by consumers. Such consumers can call to the helpline, which is a interactive voice response system and for specific queries, can also choose to speak to an agent.

The cost of the project is initially being borne by the telecom industry. After a few weeks, the government is likely to take a decision on financial support for the initiative after taking into account the emerging call traffic patterns. After Demonetisation was anounched on November 8, Digital payment channels like mobile wallets, RuPay and USSD have seen massive uptake and rise in transactions.

Government Data for Digital Payments:

According to government data, the number of USSD transactions saw a whopping 5,135 percent jump, from 97 such deals a day on November 8 to 5,078 on December 25. UPI transactions – which allows users to transfer funds from one bank account to another using a smartphone – grew 1,342 percent, from 3,721 such transactions a day on November 8 to 53,648 on December 25. In value terms, it grew 647 per cent, from Rs. 1.93 crores a day to Rs. 14 crores.

The value of transactions on USSD – mobile short code message used mainly for banking services on feature phone – during the same period grew 4,061 percent from Rs. 1 crores a day to Rs. 46 crores on December 25.

Fastest and Secure Transactions System:

On December 30, the BHIM app launched by PM Narendra Modi for indigenous digital payments for fast and secure transactions using mobiles. It is a payment platform designed to make UPI and USSD payment modes simpler and usable across feature phones and smart phones. The Helpline 14444 is published to consumers to secure the Digital Payments in India.

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